Open Source Software for Schools

When selecting school software, educational merit is critical, but so is sustainability. The last thing a principal needs it to build professional development and instructional plans around software doomed to stagnate and wither on the vine once the original developers have lost interest. Of course, the same concerns apply to commercial software. Apple, Google, Microsoft and countless others have changed pricing models and shuttered products after corporate objectives changed.

Free and open source software is not an all or nothing proposition. You might test a few applications, and add more programs after your students and staff become comfortable with alternatives to commercial software.

Red Hat’s community site,, is another excellent resource for software ideas and success stories.

Audio recording and editing:

Free virtual classrooms and open source video conferencing with whiteboard, chat and desktop sharing capabilities. Requires a local school server:

A powerful 3D drawing and animation program:

Comprehensive E-book management for teachers and students:

A groovy music player:

Advanced digital photo management by photographers, for photographers:

Endless OS
A Linux distribution built for schools, and for student learning freedom:

A fun suite of learning activities for primary school children:

Geometry and Algebra software for learning and teaching:

The project aims to provide all schools, no matter their size or resources they have, with the systems they need to provide effective learning, teaching and school management:

A rich photo manipulation program that can serve as a full replacement for Adobe Photoshop:

A podcast manager, like iTunes, which helps you subscribe to and download podcasts:

Personal and small-business financial accounting software—an alternate to QuickBooks:

A vector-based drawing alternative to Adobe Illustrator:

An alternative to the commercial Follett systems, Koha is the first free and open library automation program:

Kojo Learning
Play with math, programming, music, and art in this wonderful learning program inspired by the Logo programming language:

A marvelous painting and sketching application. Pair it with a pressure sensitive drawing tablet to create a classroom art studio:

An excellent replacements for Microsoft Office. The program includes high-quality word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and equation editing tools. LibreOffice opens and saves Microsoft Office file with fidelity:

An open source alternative to the Slack communications platform. The program runs on your local school server, and brings together private chat, messaging, and file sharing:

Inspired by Minecraft, Minetest is an open, infinite world building game and simulation:

Create online teaching and learning communities in a collaborative, private environment with this free and open source learning management system (LMS). Moodle requires a local server, or a dedicated hosting provider:

Create, play, and print beautiful music with this rich composition program:

Why trust your student data to third-party vendors? Build an in-house cloud storage system and take control of your school files. A Dropbox or Google Drive alternative, Nextcloud runs on local district servers:

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)
Software for video recording and live streaming. It is perfect for a school TV studio or live event streaming:

Open Brain Computer Interface (OpenBCI)

Like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, OpenShot is a capable and easy-to-use video editing program:

Packer is a free and open source tool for creating golden images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration:

A simple 2D animation and cartooning application:

A tool for automating infrastructure management and managing Linux systems:

Red Notebook
Students often struggle with managing notes and lesson materials. RedNotebook is a simple calendar-based journal that can help tame unruly piles of digital paper:

Robot Operating System (ROS)
Open Robotics

Created by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is helps students program interactive stories, games, animations, and other creations:

A replacement for Adobe InDesign, Scribes is a page layout, design and desktop publishing program:

An open source phone system, requires a dedicated server, phone lines, and desktop phones:

Track your staff and student laptops with this powerful inventory and asset management system:

A remarkable free astronomy program featuring detailed sky maps. Use it to build your own classroom planetarium:

Synfig Studio
Create film-quality animations with this powerful 2-D animation tool:

A small, easy to use program to access iTunes-University media and podcasts in Linux:

Tux for Kids
A fun introduction to typing skills—students learn keyboarding while playing interactive games:

The most widely installed desktop Linux distribution is an excellent choice for schools:

Originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”, use this program to run Windows programs on Linux computers:

Create a classroom blog, or an entire school district web site. WordPress is your first step to publishing nirvana. WordPress requires a local server or a dedicated hosting provider:

A program for notetaking, sketching, or keeping a journal, Xournal can be used to annotate PDF files—Linux and Windows only:

Zammad is a web-based, free, open source user support/ticketing solution: